Nubart Sync

Play your videos on site and the audio on people's smartphones.

Pair your audio with on site videos using Nubart Sync

Internet-based AV synchronisation in real time

Would you like your public videos to " speak " without disturbing anyone? In the language of your audience's choice? And always with perfect lip-sync?

With Nubart Sync you just found the live AV-synchronisation technology you were looking for.

Your listeners simply scan a QR code to get the soundtrack for your videos in the language of their choice. The sound will be streamed to them in perfect sync, with no delays.

Our patent pending solution is also simple and affordable. It does not require special equipment or complex technical systems such as broadcast, captive networks, beacons or infrared. All you and your audience need is a regular internet connection (WIFI or mobile data).

Nubart sync is fully scalable: suitable for any number of listeners. Looping is possible. Video length is irrelevant. Perfectly suitable for any kind of large-scale public displays, whether it be a mosaic video walls, a projected video, or a laser show.

Give sound to muted displays and transform public messaging

Why Nubart Sync?

Unlocking silent videos in public places

Public space is full of videos: video advertisements on billboards and shop windows, security information in airports, documentary videos in waiting rooms... But both security and coexistence rules require that these videos be shown in silence.

These videos could significantly reinforce their message if passers-by were able to simply stream the sound to their cell phones.

Until now, this goal could only be achieved with complex hardware systems or applications.

With Nubart Sync, sound can be added to videos in public spaces without disturbing passers-by or bystanders. Simply place our QR code next to the screen or integrate it into the video itself.

You can try it out right now with our demo: no need to enter an email address!

Sound for public videos wit Nubart Sync
Missing the sound?

What is now on the market to pair audio with video?

What makes Nubart Sync better than current solutions

Current solutions

Today, high-maintenance hardware is still necessary to pair synced audio with a video: dedicated video players, RF, RFID and IR activation systems, i-Beacons, etc.

Some companies offer Wi-fi broadcasting, but subject to a captive portal, sometimes combined with a native application.

What makes Nubart Sync better

The value of Nubart Sync lies in its revolutionary simplicity.

For the first time, a multilingual, perfectly lip-synced audio source for public videos can be streamed spontaneously and easily to any passer-by via a QR code.

The synced soundtrack simply opens in the end user's browser.

What does this mean

Nubart Sync is a low cost SaaS-solution that has the potential to revolutionize the world of digital signage, DOOH, advertising and accessibility.

Our innovative product is protected by patents in key global markets.

Stats for your public video screens

Gain insight into who is really watching your video

Effortlessly collect visitor data while respecting privacy

Discover who is engaging with instructional videos and video advertisements in public spaces with Nubart Sync. Unlike traditional methods like cameras or infrared, Nubart Sync offers precise insights into viewer engagement and user behaviour. Nubart Sync provides valuable data for strategic decision making.

Nubart Sync collects aggregated usage and behavioural data from users' smartphones anonymously, without third-party cookies or privacy violations.

You will have access to a customer dashboard revealing essential information including:

  • User's home country
  • User’s native language
  • Users per day
  • Users by time of day

You can even add a feedback form to ask specific questions.

  See Nubart Sync's statistics dashboard in action

Use cases compatible with Nubart Sync

Nubart Sync is suitable for

Nubart Sync for museum - video explainers and video installations
  • Educational videos
  • Video installations

(Best in combination with Nubart's audio guide PWAs)

Nubart Sync for digital advertisement - DOOH - billboards
  • Billboards
  • Digital out-of-home (DOOH)
  • Show-rooms
  • DIY superstores
Nubart Sync to improve accessibility for public videos
  • Audio-descriptions
  • Easy language
  • Hearing impaired
Nubart Sync to provide complex multilingual product explanations in trade shows
Trade shows and fairs

Video-explainers for complex products.

Nubart Sync for public cinema festivals, open air cinema
  • Simultaneous multilingual streaming
  • Street festivals
  • Open air
Nubart Sync for any kind of waiting rooms - hospitals, inmigration centers
Waiting rooms
  • Inmigration
  • Hospital
  • Authorities
Nubart Sync for security instructions and entertainment in airports and train stations
  • Security instructions
  • Entertainment in waiting areas
Nubart Sync can be used for projection mapping on public buildings - photo by KKPCW - Kyu3 - CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED
Projection mapping on buildings

The audience can listen to synchronised music or an explanation directly on their smartphone.

Wondering what other uses cases exist for Nubart Sync
And many others

Surely there are applications for Nubart Sync that we haven't thought of. Let us know!

Nubart Sync Operation Chart

How does Nubart Sync work

How does Nubart Sync works

Video playback systems compatible with Nubart Sync

Compatible video player options:

Any screen or player with internet connection

If your device can open a modern browser and has an Internet connection, it should be compatible with Nubart Sync.


Compatible with Brightsign video players with Internet connection, such as HD224. Compatible with Brightsight Author digital signage software.

Micro-mapping or other AV-solutions

As long as your device has Internet connection, you can integrate our API in your custom playback system. Please contact us.

Audio playback systems compatible with Nubart Sync

Compatible audio player options:

Any smartphone

Nubart Sync soundtracks open in a browser. So any smartphone with a browser and the ability to scan a QR code is compatible. No app to download required!

Demo to test Nubart Sync

This is our demo

Demo Nubart Sync

Click this image to open the video on a PC or laptop. Play it.

Demo Nubart Sync

Scan this QR-code with a smartphone

Demo Nubart Sync

Pick a language

Demo Nubart Sync

Play the track

Demo to test Nubart Sync

Open this page on a PC to test our demo

To check out our demo, you'll need two devices: one to open the video and another to play the synced sound track. Since you are viewing our site on a smartphone, you will probably not be able to test it right now. Please open this site on a larger device to access all demo features.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs about Nubart Sync

We will give you access to a password-protected customer area where you can manage your videos. The implementation is very easy and well documented. However, our technical team will personally assist you in the first phase.

No, unless you prefer it that way. Our generated website for the audio playback includes a lanuage menu where you can switch between languages. (If you are reading this on a PC, check our demo).

There is no limit, as the final video file can be played locally. Only for preliminary tests we recommend uploading the same video in low resolution that can be streamed for testing purposes.

Here is a video with instructions:

You can download them as PDF here:

Instructions for Brightsign as PDF

Make sure that your network configuration has our domain whitelisted and allows unrestricted outgoing HTTPS POST requests to this domain.
The bandwidth required for the synchronisation signal is very low.

Customers applying Nubart Sync

Featured customers

Nubart Sync - Immersive exhibition Dalí Challenge for ArtDidaktik

ArtDidaktik (Spain)

Immersive Exhibition "Dalí Challenge"

Format WerbeArt (Germany)

Stand in professional exhibition

Nubart Sync - On-site video displays for Koge Museum

Koge Museum (Denmark)

On-site video displays

Musea Brugge (Belgium)

On-site video displays

Nubart Sync - On-site video displays for Danish Castle Center (Denmark)

Danish Castle Center (Denmark)

On-site video displays

Nubart Sync - On-site video displays for the Caesarea Visitor Center (Israel)

Caesarea Visitor Center (Israel)

Accessible audio guide for visually and cognitive impaired

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